Dr Beres Wenck

Dr. Beres Wenck in her consultation room at Red Hill doctors
Dr Beres Wenck
Dr. Beres Wenck

Who is Dr. Beres Wenck GP

Dr. Beres Wenck is a well-known and experienced general practitioner in Brisbane who has been helping people for many years,  she has given great medical care to people of all ages. She had her own practice for many years known as Milton Clinic, and continues to run her practice in the inner Brisbane suburb of Red Hill

Dr. Wenck wants to improve healthcare in a lot of different ways, not just as a doctor. As a past president of the AMA Queensland and an AMA Fellow, she has been at the forefront of fighting for patient safety and quality care. In 2012, she received the prestigious Rose-Hunt Medal, which is the greatest honour given by the Royal Australian Council of General Practice, in recognition of her substantial and significant contributions to general practice.

Dr. Wenck is a general practitioner who is especially interested in paediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, and managing chronic diseases. She is the Medical Consultant for Adoptions Queensland and had a weekly session as a visiting GP at the Royal Children’s Hospital for many years. Her geriatric skills were honed as the Medical Director of two coordinated Care Trial and presented on financing of health systems and developing specific programs for elderly and chronically ill populations during a two-week US Commonwealth Study Tour June 2000.

She has been invited to speak about a variety of aspects of health at national and international conferences, where she shared her knowledge and experience with healthcare professionals.

In 2009 she was commissioned by the Federal Government to co-author a paper for the Health and Hospital Reform Commission titled General Practice in 2020.

Dr. Wenck is currently on the board of MND and Me, and a member of the WANTZ committee that raises money each year for a selected medical charity; in her personal life, she works hard to improve healthcare. She has run several half marathons, enjoyed snow skiing, tennis, and now croquet.

She has her surgery located in Red Hill Doctors, where she runs her own medical services business, Dr. Wenck gives each patient individualised and compassionate care. Dr. Wenck can help you with a regular check-up, preventive care, treatment for sudden or long-term illnesses, or help with mental health problems.

Start giving your health and well-being top priority right away, contact the office of Dr. Wenck to make an appointment and receive her exceptional treatment.

Dr. Wenck’s prices are always fair for the time and skill it takes to carry out the consultation. Please note that Medicare rebates get much smaller as consults get longer.

Consultation type

Standard consultation:
15 minutes

Long consultation:
20-40 minutes

Extended consultation:
>40 minutes


Standard $85.00 – $100.00

Long $160.00 – $270.00

Extended $270.00 – $365.00


Standard $39.75

Long $76.95

Extended $113.30

Out Of Pocket

Standard $45.25 – $60.25

Long $83.05 – $193.05

Extended$146.70 – $251.70

Patients with chronic problems and comorbidities who are coming for a second opinion will need to book an extended consultation.

Dr Wenck’s current patients know that she has always taken into consideration patient circumstances and will bill accordingly. Paediatric patients are given a discount.

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